At Green Group, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Our goal is to provide a workplace and culture that they WANT to be a part of. This means, Green Group provides benefits that go beyond simple medical and dental, such as culture and training.

Green Group Company Culture

Culture is a huge part in one of the perks of working with Green Group Companies. The Green Industry is a vast service provider, offering varying positions in leadership, office, as well as in the field. Cultivating a positive culture and working relationship amongst all areas is key in creating a workplace that our employees want to be a part of. Green Group wants to encourage and incentive our employees to give it their all each day, knowing that they are valued and appreciated.

Two green group employees talking in background with shrub in foreground
Green group employee holding seeds in their hand

Training and Continuing Education

Training is also an important benefit of being a part of the Green Group family. We provide training and ongoing education for our new employees, as well as our existing employees. This might include training that is for their current role and position, or encouragement and training for an alternative position in a new department. Another perk, you don’t necessarily need any background or experience working in the Green Industry to find a successful career path with Green Group Companies. Green Group is here to help ensure that all of our employees, no matter their position, feel properly and fully equipped to accomplish their daily roles, all while feeling a sense of fulfillment at the end of each day.

Generous Perks & Benefits

We are proud to offer perks and benefits that are unheard of in the Green Industry. Some of these perks include medical, dental, short, and long-term disability, vision, life insurance, 27 days of PTO that include personal, holidays and bonuses for life events, and the opportunity for growth.