About Green Group

The Green Group vision is to modernize the green industry, evoking value, pride and trust for associates and customers alike. We know that by valuing our team members and creative a positive, supportive work environment for them, they will in turn nurture and care for their customers in the same way. Happy employees equal happy customers. It’s that simple.

Green Group was founded on the believe that quality service in lawn care should be able to continue even when business owners are ready to retire or move onto the next step in their personal journey. There are many high-quality service providers in the green industry that customers have been using for decades. But what happens when those companies are sold?

All too often, mergers and acquisitions can unfortunately change what made those lawn care companies great. Customers no longer receive the best service and the lawn care professionals who helped build those businesses are often let go.

Two green group employees talking in background with shrub in foreground

We partner with legacy businesses in the lawn care and landscaping industry that have a history and reputation for not only providing the best lawn care service, but also the best customer service as well. We extend the lifespan of those businesses by allowing owners the opportunity to retire or perhaps step back from the day-to-day headaches of running a business without losing the legacy of their life’s work.

When an owner passes the torch to Green Group, they do so knowing that their employees are in good hands. That’s because we’re not in the business of scrapping all of their hard work and starting over. We’re in the business of adding better benefits, more continuing education and growth opportunities, and a place they will enjoy coming to work each day.

That’s how we’re helping happy grow.

Current Green Group Locations

Green Group currently operates 9 lawn care businesses across 7 states including Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida and North Carolina. You can find out more about those locations by clicking here.

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