Value Added Experience

What does value-added really mean?

At Green Group, we want our associates to be successful. However, success at Green Group is measured by more than just how many applications were done in a day, or who had the most production completed during the month. Success is about Helping Happy Grow and to do that, our associates must surpass customer expectations.

Meeting customers’ needs means going beyond just providing good lawn care services. It is stopping in the driveway to speak with a customer. Whether that conversation is about their lawn or how their family is doing, what counts is taking the time to build customer relationships.

Green group employee smiling camera center while holding a clipboard.
A homeowner talking with a green group employee on a lawn

Customer experience counts the most.

Running a profitable business means paying attention to the bottom line, but too many companies forget the important role creating happy employees and a happy customer base play in maintaining profitability. Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty, retention, and new customers through referrals. Positive experience counts and will give your company the competitive edge. We believe this is a key differentiator between the Green Group family of brands and other lawn care businesses.

Green Group is here to help our family of brands create customer-centric businesses that solve pain points and create a better overall experience. Our value-based approach carefully considers customer feedback and focuses on strategies that are designed to maintain strong customer retention.

A churn and burn marketing strategy is not sustainable.

So many lawn care businesses repeat the same marketing processes year after year with very few metrics to support their efforts. While this approach may continue to bring in customers, most of them churn out so quickly, they never truly see what kind of results they could get from the services they paid for. In turn, this creates a bad experience and lends itself to poor customer feedback.

We help lawn care companies create sustainable marketing efforts that are all about creating value for the customer and build long-term customer relationships and enhanced brand value.

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