Residential Lawn Fertilization Services

Is your green lawn looking a little brown? Could your green lawn be greener? Have you applied new grass seed, but a stunning and healthy lawn still seems to elude you? Green Group offers several lawn fertilization programs to help homeowners achieve the lawn of their dreams.

What is Lawn Fertilization?

To stay healthy and vibrant, your lawn needs a high-quality fertilizer to flourish. Lawn fertilization is when you use lawn fertilizer to help your grass grow. The lawn fertilizer will contain essential plant nutrients that will assist in the growth of your lawn.

How Does Fertilizing My Lawn Help?

How Does Fertilizing My Lawn Help?

Fertilizer does a number of positive things for lawns, including adding nutrients that encourage growth, build strong grass roots, and help reduce weeds. Fertilizer can also help improve the responsiveness of the soil, and, as grass grows to fill in bald patches, it can help reduce uneven water accumulation that could result in the growth of moss or a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Fertilizing plays a significant role in a beautiful lawn. Fertilizer treatments can help the grass  roots become stronger, which will allow them to absorb more water and avoid the issues mentioned above.

What’s Involved in Lawn Fertilization?

Lawn fertilization is a simple process that can lead to big results. There are three vital nutrients in most fertilizer: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These nutrients can help restore any lawn to its greener self.

There are many ways lawn professionals distribute fertilizer, too, including by hand, with a hand-held spreader, or with a lawn spreader.

Residential lawn professionals will also make sure fertilizer is spread evenly throughout the grass and that the grass is appropriately watered. If your lawn struggles with bare spots, overseeding may be employed.

green group employee working on a yard
Green group employee with wearing backpack of fertilizer spraying fertilizer on a lawn

Green Group Can Meet All Your Lawn Fertilization and Lawn Care Service Needs

There are a lot of lawn care programs and lawn fertilizing companies out there, but with Green Group’s family of lawn care companies, you can be sure to receive lawn treatments that yield the results you seek. Reach out today for a free quote on your yard needs, from fertilization and lawn aeration to weed control and pest control.

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