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Weed growth can make an otherwise beautiful lawn lose its curb appeal and health. However, with consistent lawn care and an effective weed control program, you can have a weed-free, healthy lawn within a few weeks.

Green Group partners are lawn care specialists with years of experience perfecting the best pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control strategies. Reach out to us today to request a free quote for the best lawn weed control service in your area.

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Why is Weed Control Important to Lawn Care?

Weeds are not only unsightly, but they also pose significant risks to the health of your lawn. Over a short period, they can suffocate your lawn by taking nutrients and oxygen from your grass and plants.

That can result in an abnormal lawn color, withered plants, bald spots on your lawn, and worse. Additionally, eliminating weeds can help you, your family, and your pets avoid potential dangers like:

  • Unnecessary attraction of dangerous insects (i.e., insect control)
  • Health problems for animals who digest weeds

If you want a healthy green lawn, using a lawn care program that includes effective weed control is absolutely necessary. That way, your lawn will be greener, healthier, and you will spend a lot less time pulling up weeds.

How Can I Prevent Weeds From Growing in My Lawn?

Preventing and curtailing weed growth is essential to saving your time and protecting your investment. Our lawn care professionals recommend you commit to the following lawn care practices for preventing weed growth:

  1. Regular lawn fertilization and weed control treatments.
  2. Good watering habits.
  3. Proper mowing techniques (i.e., don’t mow your lawn too short).
  4. Lawn aeration and overseeding.
  5. Use pre-emergent herbicides in early spring to destroy weeds before they grow.
  6. Spot treat broadleaf weeds (i.e., dandelions, crabgrass, quackgrass, etc.).

Learn more about how to grow a healthy lawn and prevent weed problems in this blog post.

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Weed Control Services For Homeowners

An experienced lawn treatment specialist can help prevent and eliminate annual and grassy weeds while promoting a beautiful and healthy lawn. An effective weed removal and prevention program does the following:

  • Promotes healthy grass growth.
  • Circulates fresh oxygen and nutrients within your lawn.
  • Uses safe and effective preventative measures to kill weeds before they grow.

Try Green Group’s Weed Control & Lawn Care Services

Whether you need help with getting rid of stubborn weeds, tree care, or you need a comprehensive lawn care treatment plan, Green Group’s family of brands can help. Reach out to us today for a free quote for professional weed control and prevention services in your area.

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