Environmental Pledge

One Earth. Everyone’s Responsibility.

All of the companies in the Green Group family of brands have taken a pledge to respect our environment. We have an organization-wide policy that no company or individual should operate in isolation when it comes to our environment. We have just one earth and we all need to share it.

Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees and communities. We are committed to practicing environmental stewardship and follow strict guidelines to ensure good practice. All of our employees are properly trained and have been armed with the skills and knowledge to use science-based environmentally safe practices.

Up-close shot of a bee landing on a flower for pollen

The climate pledge we commit to is:

  • Maintaining compliance with our products and practices.
  • Putting the health care, safety and well-being of our customers and employees first.
  • Being thoughtful about the products and application methods that we use.
  • Applying and dispose of products safely.
  • Tracking our progress, environmental trends and climate action.
  • Minimizing the waste we create and practice recycling.

Climate change, emissions, and our carbon footprint.

In addition to ensuring the use of quality products, applications and safety practices, Green Group is committed to supporting the education of how the green industry can help with climate change. Healthy lawns and landscapes greatly help offset carbon emissions and homeowners and businesses in both the public and private sectors alike can help combat the climate crisis by maintaining healthy turf, trees and plants.

As a company, we are working to do our part for sustainability as well. We look for ways to use less energy in our office buildings by doing things like installing motion triggered lighting that provides energy efficiency by shutting off when people are not in the room. We also explore how we can further less our emissions reduction by keeping our vehicles well-maintained and inspected. There is the potential in the future for us to adopt the use of electric vehicles or electric equipment too. Improvements in technology are always putting new tools and ideas out into the market and Green Group is always exploring ways to improve our practices.