Bringing new technologies to your business.

Having the right technology can help propel your business forward, yet many lawn care owners have not invested in updating the technology in their businesses. Often this is due to restrictions on time and budget, however as a business grows, it is important that technology grow to meet the current business needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Customers are demanding convenience when it comes to the way that their service providers communicate with them, along with how they pay their bills and interact with customer service representatives. While many customers still enjoy receiving print mail, a growing number of customers want to communicate via email, messaging apps, or social media. It is hard for businesses to keep up with the constantly changing landscape.

Green Group can help your lawn care business use technology to streamline the way you work. We will help you increase efficiency, create a satisfying customer experience, handle inventory management and more.

Whether you want to upgrade your current CRM system to keep better track of customer information, switch to digital invoicing, offer remote work for team members, enter into the world of digital marketing, get access to more efficient management tools, or simply find tools that are more cost-effective; partnering with Green Group can help.

Closeup shot of someone's hands typing on a laptop keyboard
Green group employee showing tablet screen to a homeowner

Small Business Technology Advancements Make Big Strides With Green Group

When companies join the Green Group platform, they get access to all the tech tools we use for our own business operations. Let our team provide you with improved data analytics so you can see what is really happening with your business in real time.

Green Group companies experience improved workflows, project management assistance, human resources, enhanced cyber security and more – all backed by our friendly and helpful team to help get your team trained and comfortable.

Ready for a technology upgrade? Contact Green Group today.