Residential Lawn Care Services with Green Group Companies

Lawn care for your home and lifestyle. Looking for that green lawn that is sure to win Yard of the Month? Find a Green Group company near you today.

Our Professional Lawn Care Services Make Your Life Easier

Green Group companies are perfectionists when it comes to caring for your lawn and landscape. Our services are designed to save homeowners time, while offering their exterior environment the care that it needs to thrive. We use only the best practices when it comes to maintaining your grounds. Below is an overview of the types of services our lawn care companies offer.

Residential Lawn Care Services

Lawn maintenance services are important because they contribute to the health and beauty of your property. A well-manicured lawn creates curb appeal, which can add value to your home. Lawn care services also prevent potential problems, such as overgrowth, that can lead to insect infestations or disease. Our team offers a variety of lawn care and landscaping services. We work hard to meet your lawn care needs.

Here are a few of the services we provide:

lawn aeration

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is an extremely beneficial service, particularly if you are looking for that lush, green lawn you see on magazine covers. Lawn aeration, whether liquid or core helps break up soil compaction so that more air and water can reach the lawn’s root system. This in turn, helps the root system grow stronger and deeper, creating that beautiful green lawn you are hoping for.

Green group employee spraying fertilizer on a lawn with house in the background

Lawn Fertilization

Grass can grow pretty well on its own, but harsh weather conditions, disease, and drought can make it hard for your lawn to really thrive. Lawn fertilization helps ensure that your lawn is getting the proper amount of nutrients so it can withstand most of what Mother Nature can throw at it. A well-fertilized lawn is green and happy and also more able to naturally prevent weed growth.

Up close shot of a group of dandelions on a lawn

Weed Control

Weeds are a natural part of any lawn or flowerbed, but most people don’t want them to be. A weed control program can help keep the weeds out of your lawn and garden beds. Our companies use high quality weed controls that are designed to help your garden and grass grow without getting choked out by unsightly weeds. A healthy lawn not only looks good, but also greatly helps to circulate fresh oxygen back into the air.

Green group employee pushing a lawn seed spreader

Lawn Seeding

Cool season grasses like Fescue require annual seeding in order to remain thick, lush and green. Seeding, also called overseeding, helps to fill in any bare spots on your lawn, as well as create a thicker, more dense lawn. Seed your lawn in the late summer through fall. It is important to accompany this service with lawn aeration, which will help the seeds germinate and go deeper into the soil.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

Ornamental Shrub & Tree Service

Did you know that your landscape is likely the most expensive home investment that you will make? The ornamental trees and shrubs around your property can add beautiful curb appeal and even increase your home value. It is important to care for them with treatments to protect against insects and disease. Our comprehensive tree care programs can help.

Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter Pest Control Done Right

Stop pesky insects from getting into your home before they even arrive. Why treat for pests inside your home, when you can keep them outside where they belong? A perimeter pest control program is designed to treat the perimeter of your property up to the foundation so that insects do not find their way inside. Many of our companies also offer flea and tick treatments for your lawn.

Tree & Shrub Landscaping Services

A beautiful lawn is very important, but so are flourishing trees and shrubs. Green Group Companies has a team that provides full-service tree and shrub maintenance including:

A man looking at purple tree shrubs

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Tree & shrub fertilization is designed to ensure that your ornamental trees & shrubs receive the nutrients they need to grow and thrive throughout the year. When a tree or shrub is strong and healthy, it is more likely to withstand changes in temperature, insect damage and even disease. Don’t leave your plant health to chance. Find a program today.

Young girl scratching a mosquito bite on her arm

Mosquito Control

It is no secret that mosquitos carry a variety of diseases that can be harmful to the health of your family and pets. In fact, mosquitos carry the disease that causes heartworms in dogs. Not to mention, nobody wants an itchy bite! Mosquito control treatments last 3-4 weeks and are effective at keeping mosquitos at bay. We use selective spraying with our pollinators in mind.

A large anthill in the wild

Safe Insecticides For Your Outdoor Space

Insects play an important role in the ecosystem, but they can also be very damaging to your home, garden, and lawn. Fire ants can tear up your lawn by building large mounds, while grubs and armyworms can eat up acres of grass. Insect controls can selectively target the sources of damage so that your lawn and home remain protected.

We Care About the Way Your Yard Looks

A healthy lawn is something we value at Green Group. We are here to put in our years of experience and hard work to provide high-quality residential landscaping services to our customers. If you’re interested in lawn care maintenance, landscape design, or one of our many other services contact us today for a free quote.

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