Residential Tree Service and Shrub Service

Trees and shrubs add shade, height, variety, and beauty to yards and outdoor spaces, but what if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to care for them properly? Green Group companies offer homeowners shrub and tree care services, from pest control to fertilization.

What Types of Services Do Trees and Shrubs Need?

There are many types of services available to help maintain the health of your trees and shrubs, including:

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Fertilizers provide vital nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, to trees and shrubs to help them grow. In addition to building soil fertility, fertilizers help regulate airflow and retain water within the soil, which benefits root growth. The best time to fertilize full-grown trees and shrubs is in late winter or early spring, so it’s best to reach out for professional help before then.

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Insecticides and Miticides

Protecting your trees and shrubs from insects is very important, as certain species can take down an entire tree. Insecticides and miticides are pesticides used to protect trees and shrubs from insect infestations and disease. Green Group professionals are highly trained in assessment and application, so your particular trees and shrubs’ needs can be accurately met.

Green group employee spraying horticulture oil on a lawn

Horticultural Oil

Horticultural oil is another excellent option when caring for trees and shrubs. Horticultural oil is a mixture of petroleum or vegetable-based lightweight oils that control mites, insects, and some plant diseases. In agriculture and horticulture, horticultural oil functions much like insecticides and miticides. Diluted, they’re sprayed on tree and shrub surfaces to control insect populations.

Closeup of fungus and mushrooms growing on a tree


Even if you’ve taken great pains to keep fungal networks out of your soil and root systems, the wind can spread quickly to trees and shrubs. Getting ahead of fungal spores is crucial as they can be detrimental to plant health. Fungicides can prevent the spread of fungal spores and eliminate any existing fungi on your trees and shrubs.

Girl sitting on a lawn scratching a mosquito bite

Mosquito Control

Treating mosquitos is very important because they carry a variety of diseases. Mosquitos like to nest in wet areas, large trees, and shrubs. Treating mosquitos doesn’t have to be a headache. Green Group companies provide a highly effective mosquito control treatment. Our specialists ensure that mosquitos will no longer bother you. Some of our partners offer ongoing assistance with mosquito control, like the Protect Program, which includes:

  • 8 Visits Per Year
  • Mosquito Control
  • Larvae Control
  • Scouting of the Property and Breeding Sites

The Benefits of Healthy Shrubs and Trees

There are many benefits to healthy trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs help divert water from your property, reducing the risk of flooding by storing water and lessening storm runoff. They are also an excellent resource for improving air quality. Trees and shrubs can help eliminate dust particles in the air, too, making it easier to breathe.

How a Healthy Lawn Benefits Healthy Shrubs and Trees and Vice Versa

Professional lawn care services can help trees and shrubs grow healthy and strong, which in turn can aid in lawn health. How does a lawn benefit from healthy shrubs and trees? Trees and shrubs keep ground temperatures lower and also protect grass and landscaping from the elements. In a similar and symbiotic fashion, a healthy lawn provides nutrient-rich soil for trees and shrubs to grow and thrive in.

Professional Tree and Shrub Care from Green Group

The health of trees and shrubs is an essential part of a beautiful and healthy lawn. Don’t leave your tree and shrub care to chance. Contact a Green Group brand today for a free quote.

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