Birds are chirping. Flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. Spring is truly a time when you feel nature start to wake up from a long sleep. Spring is also a very important time for your lawn and landscape.
Early spring is the time to encourage your lawn to green up and help it recover from any winter stress. Spring is also your best opportunity to control weeds throughout the season. Early prevention is key.


Now is the time to get your ornamental trees and shrubs ready for the spring season. Prune Crepe Myrtles and other flowering trees and cut back any ornamental grasses.


Time to start mowing. Set your mower blades higher for these first few mows. It will encourage your grass to grow. Fertilization helps lawns green up and fight weeds.


Inspect trees & shrubs for pests. Start up those irrigation systems so you can begin watering. Lower the blades on your mower. Cool season lawns prefer higher blades.

The summer season for lawn and landscapes is all about encouraging healthy growth, preventing weeds and disease, and most importantly – being outside enjoying your lawn. Fertilization and weed control treatments, along with disease control will help keep your lawn looking lush and green.


Fertilization and weed control treatments will help keep any new weed germination at bay and your lawn looking lush and green. Healthy grass prevents weeds invasion.


Fertilize. Be sure to keep track of your lawn’s moisture level as temperatures begin to rise. Installing a rain gauge helps make sure that your lawn gets enough water.


Higher temperatures offer the ideal environment for turf diseases. Treating your lawn will help keep diseases and fungus at bay. Time to begin warm season aeration.

The fall season is the time to show your cool seasons lawn some love with core aeration and overseeding before the temperatures drop and growth slows to a halt. Making sure that your lawn is getting enough water is still very important in warmer climate zones.


Making sure your lawn is getting enough water is critical during this time. Heat stress can damage your lawn. We recommend 1″ of water 1-2 times per week for your lawn.


Time to think about your trees and shrubs. Get new plants into the ground before the cold season so their roots have time to take hold. Fertilize to supply nutrients.


This is your last chance to think about aeration and overseeding for your Fescue lawns. Continue with lawn fertilization and watering in warm climates. Enjoy Fall temps!

The winter season is all about rest and renewal and the same holds true for your lawn and landscape. Make sure you keep leaves and debris off your lawn so it can breath. Pre-emergent weed and disease control should be applied to help prevent problems in the spring.


Keep mowing the lawn until growing slows. Warm season grasses will begin to rest and go dormant around this time. Time to apply pre-emergent weed and disease control.


Try to stay off your grass if it has been hit with a frost. Walking on frozen grass can be damaging to blades. Now is the time to give your lawn rest and recuperation.


Your lawn will be waking up soon. It is time to apply spring pre-emergent weed controls and get ready for fertilization. Pruning trees & shrubs should also begin soon.