Training & Support

Throughout each member of the Green Group family of brands, we strive to provide the necessary resources, training, and support that is required to promote an acquisition that is smooth for the employees and customers, as well as continuously work with each brand to support their daily lawn care, pest control, and horticulture operations. Through each acquisition, our goal is 100% retention of employees and the customer base that has been built.  

Ensuring the merger is a smooth transition is key.

To help make the transition as easy as possible, Green Group has put together continuing education, training and support that can be provided initially, as well as throughout our working relationship. As we continue to grow, we also learn bits and pieces from every brand that has become a member of our family of brands. With this, we can continue improve our processes with each transition, and implement some of these processes throughout our other companies. Our mission is to please our customer base, and our valued employees so much, that they continue to spread the word about us, and help us continue to grow and take the green industry by storm.

A homeowner talking with a green group employee on a lawn
green group employee receiving an award

We are dedicated to supporting our teams.

Here at Green Group, not only will be provide an internal IT support team to help keep the transition running smoothly, but we also lend financial support, provide our very own Green Academy online course with training for current and new hires, new product training and support as innovative technology is introduced, and encourage relationships from brand-to-brand so our family can operate as one! We truly believe in operating as a team, a family, and promoting a workplace from the field, the office, and even remotely that encourages happiness, so this happiness radiates from our team members to our customers.

Internal Training and Continuing Education

As we are a lawn care business providing services that do not include usual landscaping service such a lawn mowing or mulching, we have to ensure that we are providing the best possible training programs to our current employees as well as new hires. This is paramount in our industry to ensure that we are providing great results, the best lawn to our customers as possible, but all while our employees understand the importance of properly and safely handling pesticides and herbicides. Additionally, any new employees will be required to complete a checklist of training alongside our managers to ensure that they properly understand their role, position, and expectations.

Two green group employees using equipment in the back of a truck

Training Our Lawn Care Technicians

Internal training is provided, but external webinars, or job training may be required, such as obtaining properly licensing to be a certified pesticide applicator or certified arborist. Our lawn care technicians are constantly working to improve their skills and knowledge on turfgrass and its needs as it varies from turfgrass type, region, and other environmental factors.

Two green group employees looking at a computer screen

Training Our Administrative Team

It is equally as important for our office teams to have continued training to be able to support customers through understanding our lawn maintenance and pest control services, while also assisting customers through taking payments, updating account information, or ensuring that information is properly relayed from the customer to the lawn care technician. This may require our office staff to also participate in continuing education such as webinars, or online classes regarding our services or technology.

Ready to plant the seed?

In the business of landscape professionals, and an ever-changing market full of new products, services and technology, continued training and educating our staff and team is vital to ensuring that we are helping happy grow.