Lawn Seeding Service

Lawn seeding (i.e., overseeding) is an essential component of getting and maintaining a beautiful lawn. When properly seeded, your lawn will experience the following benefits:

• Thicker lawn
• Reduction of soil erosion and run-off
• A natural form of pest control
• Reduced need for chemical fertilizers
• Curb appeal

Green Group lawn care experts recommend accompanying seeding and reseeding efforts with lawn aeration services to help new grass seeds germinate and move deeper beneath the topsoil.

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How Do I Know if My Lawn Needs to Be Seeded?

At some point or another, all warm-season lawns need to be seeded and aerated. Otherwise, you invite weeds, bald spots on your lawn, and irregular discoloration. Here are a few telltale signs that your next lawn treatment should include overseeding:

  • It’s late summer or fall ( the best times for lawn aeration and seeding).
  • Your lawn is covered by a thatch (a thick layer of dead organic matter).
  • Your lawn experiences a lot of foot traffic and bare spots are forming.
  • Your lawn has clay soil.
  • You notice a buildup of water or puddles forming on your grass.
  • Your grass is thinning, bare patches appear or it is no longer a green lawn.
  • Your soil does not properly absorb water and nutrients.
  • Your grass grows slowly or stops growing.

What Is The Best Type of Grass Seed to Use?

The best type of grass seed for an existing lawn depends on your region (i.e., humidity, elevation, average temperatures, etc.), the current grass on your lawn, and the soil conditions.

Green Group partners only use high-quality “blue tag” seeds that are guaranteed to be 100% weed-free. We closely watch the seed market, make our seed orders early, and ensure we deliver the highest quality seeds to our customers.

Since our Green Group partners live and work in the regions they provide lawn care services, they are experts on the best types of seeds for your area.

Green group employee holding seeds in their hand
Closeup of seeds being poured into a seed spreader

Our Professional Lawn Seeding Services

Green Group companies offer full-service lawn care and lawn seeding services to our customers. That includes but is not limited to:

  • Full Lawn Renovation – Installation of a new lawn.
  • Spot Seeding Services – For bald or bare spots due to wear, pests, pet urine, etc.
  • Overseeding Services – A timely refresher to make your lawn greener, fuller, and healthier.

Try Green Group Lawn Seeding Services For Homeowners

Green Group lawn care companies are here to help you buildup and maintain a beautiful, lush, and enviable lawn. That includes weed control, seeding, aeration, landscaping, and much more.

Reach out to us today to request a free quote for professional lawn seeding services in your area.

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