Process Improvement

Running a successful business of any kind takes a lot of hard work. The lawn care industry is no exception to this rule. To be successful in lawn care, you need to be looking at continuous process improvement. The entire company needs to stay focused on safety, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and of course, the bottom line.

Business Process Improvement With Green Group

When introducing any sort of new process or changes to existing processes, it is also important not to break systems that may not be broken. Change can be challenging for some and we always take the time to explore what is working well first.

At Green Group, we take a people-first approach when partnering with lawn care businesses. First and foremost, are your people happy? Are your customers happy? If they are not, we first need to determine the root cause of dissatisfaction and adjust existing processes to fix that. Happy team members create happy customers. It is really that simple.

Our improvement initiatives center around ensuring that your people are happy while also making sure that current processes align with business goals.

A homeowner talking with a green group employee on a lawn
Two green group employees looking at a computer screen

A Winning Methodology

How is the current workflow? Is there automation that could help your people and processes? Green Group believes in using process improvement methodologies that take a look at the whole picture. We employ improvement efforts and process improvement projects based on an audit of what is already being done and the metrics those efforts are providing. This helps us identify the right places to implement changes and the areas of the business that are already working well and should be left alone.

Our process improvement techniques keep in mind key stakeholders with the goal of identifying any inefficiencies and implementing process changes that will optimize the way those key stakeholders work. Process mapping in this way will help your business set new benchmarks for success, and eliminate any redundancies or bottlenecks in current processes. The result is total quality management that will allow your business to offer both a better team and customer experience.