Why Green Group

You’ve spent a lifetime building your business. Trust that your legacy will continue.

What We Stand For

We provide recurring property services for customers with an end-to-end approach, reimagining the customer and team experience, while leveraging technology to create efficiencies and delight.

Our objective is to develop a scalable platform backed with an extraordinary team that will enable legacy brands to continue to grow organic revenue during periods of both economic expansion and contraction.

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Green Group Environmental Pledge

  • Maintain compliance with our products and practices.
  • Put the safety and well-being of our customers and employees first.
  • Be thoughtful about the products and application methods that we use.
  • Apply and dispose of products safely.
  • Track or progress and environmental trends.
  • Minimize the waste we create and practice recycling.

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How We Can Help

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High Expectations

Your business is your legacy. You have likely spent the better part of your lifetime building it. Who do you pass the torch to? What will happen to your employees? What will happen to the customer relationships you have worked so hard to build.

Green Group is doing things differently. We partner with legacy brands not to strip them down and change them, but help them continue to grow and operate as the brand their customers have come to know and trust.

Cutting Edge

Love it or hate it, technology is constantly evolving and lawn care companies need to adapt in order to stay competitive.

Partnering with Green Group gives your company access to the latest technology trends and tools that customers are beginning to demand. We also set the standard in creating employee training programs and growth opportunities. Green Group gives offer the resources that your business needs continue to make its mark in the green industry.

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Value-Added Experience

Give your team members the opportunity to grow and learn and continue to build their careers with your business. Green Group goes beyond on-the-job training to offer extended learning opportunities, so associates can grow at their own pace.

We also offer excellent employee benefits including full health insurance coverage for the employee, along with a competitive 401k package so that team members can invest in their future.

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