Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Vision

To modernize the green industry, evoking value, pride and trust for associates and customers alike.

Our Mission

To please our team members and customers so much that they tell others about us.

Empowered. Energized. Excited.

image of a green group employee servicing a property

Our values allow people to do their best while serving others. 

  • We care about people
  • We do the right thing
  • We value diversity
  • We value teamwork
  • We do what we say
  • We delight customers
  • We are a learning organization
  • We are committed to innovation

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Our Strategy

Green Group is a national company that backs the best local brands in the green industry. We enable legacy businesses to continue to deliver the same top quality service and expertise they always have, backed by the support and management of our national team. We’re incorporating technology to improve processes, while our main focus is on investing in people. We believe the happiest employees provide the best service and our goal is to offer our teams long-term sustainable career paths doing what they love. Our four “P’s” help guide our strategy. 

green group employee receiving an award


People matter most. Always. This “P” is our guiding principle and we take it very seriously. Our team members matter. Our customers matter.

We invest extensive resources into nurturing, training, growing, caring for, and celebrating our associates. We want their experience with us to be more than just a job. No matter where people are on their journey, they have an opportunity to grow with Green Group.

We know that happy employees will create happy customers. It’s that simple. That is Helping Happy Grow.


Shifting customer needs drive innovative company culture and customer service. Customer demands are changing. This includes everything from the way that people communicate to the way that they want to receive service.

Green Group companies help meet customers where they are. We ensure that our dedicated Customer Service Heroes and field associates are all skilled and highly trained at their craft. Our team members can be reached by phone, email, text, website, or face to face right in the front yard. Customers can count on a prompt, friendly response and knowledgeable answers every time.

green group employee checks shrub leaf
green group employee working on a yard


Modern technologies scale businesses. At Green Group, we partner with legacy brands that have been in the lawn care industry for usually more than a decade. Oftentimes, it is more like two or three decades. That is a lot of green industry experience!

In order for brands to remain competitive in this space, they have to evolve with ever-changing technologies and customer needs. Our support and backing allow legacy brands to continue to grow and scale while doing what they do best – serving customers.


Prioritize “P’s” 1, 2, and 3 and the money will follow. Our strategy has been proven time and again. We partner with best-in-class legacy brands that already have a solid foundation. Oftentimes, the owner is simply ready to retire or wants to step back a bit in order to have time for other things.

We invest in the people and the processes that have helped build these brands. We increase efficiencies and ensure that the legacy not only remains, but can continue to grow and thrive for future generations to come.

green group employees talking next to truck

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