The History of Green Group

How did Green Group get started? Learn about the Green Group lawn care family!

Green Group was founded by Keith Freeman and other seasoned green industry professionals who wanted to be able to deliver high quality, best-in-class service in lawn care. There were plenty of great lawn care and landscaping businesses out there that already offered this type of service, but when their owners retired, the companies were sold off in parts and pieces through mergers and acquisitions.

This is when the idea of partnering with business owners to carry on the legacy of their brand and business was born. The first company to join the Green Group lawn care family of brands in 2020 was Eastern Turf Maintenance in Raleigh, North Carolina. The following year, Eastern Turf Maintenance was joined by Loyalty Lawn Care in St. Charles, Missouri.

It was not long after that word got out that there was a better way to for lawn care providers to extend the lifespan of their businesses and ensure that their valued team members would be cared for, even if they decided to retire or sell their business.

Management and employee standing next to each other, employee holding employee of the year frame

Green Group Tulsa was formed as the company’s first stand-alone business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while Lawn Tech out of Prosper, Texas joined the Green Group platform just a short time later. Late in 2021, three more legacy lawn care brands came on board with the addition of Pearce Lawn Care in Melbourne, Florida, Integrated Lawn Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Aggieland Green in College Station and Houston, Texas.

Green Group continues to grow its family of brands while offering the best service for its customers and creating the best work experience for its employees. Quality service and happy employees? That is helping happy grow.

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