Customer Service

With the main pillar of Green Group core values being “people”, including both our employees and our customers, customer service finds itself at the forefront of our day-to-day operations. Our mentality is, and will always be, that our people are put first. So, what does that entail?

We Invest in People

Here at Green Group, we invest our efforts into companies who have spent their time investing in their customers. These local companies have been built by professionals who have spent decades, if not their lifetimes, pouring their efforts, resources, and knowledge into providing excellent care to customers nationwide. Providing customers with excellent care and results stems from building a team that you can trust, both in the field, as well as administratively.  As a service provider, it is important that our customers are confident in us and the services we are providing to them.

Green group employee smiling camera center while holding a clipboard.
Green group employee holding seeds in their hand

We Invest in Growth

Green Group wants to modernize the green industry, one company at a time. Our family of brands bring in different products, procedures, and ideas behind their daily operations, and as a team, we continue to learn and grow from one another. Through the technology we use internally, the products we purchase, the programs and services that we inherit and continue to develop, and the resources we provide for our field and office staff, we excel in providing an experience that both our employees and our customers can benefit from.

We Invest in Service

Customer Service is far beyond Green Group simply showing up on Google Maps with a phone number listed for the contact number. We embody helping happy grow through a Customer Service team that is a welcoming voice, and has the resources available to them to assist each and every customer’s need. Customer Service is also an important aspect that our field technician’s must embody through the lawn care, tree, shrub, and pest care services they are providing to our customers. We keep our customer base in loop with their lawn, tree, shrub and pest needs through email notifications, and will always guarantee our services through the warranty of a service call. Of course, in some cases, exclusions could apply, but overall, our guarantee is simple.. we are here to help happy grow! Our local brands are company names we want to be recognized for being an all-around well oiled machine, with happy employees and satisfied customers!

Green group employee talking with a homeowner

Happy employees help happy customers grow.

The realm of customer service begins with happy employees and confidence that we are providing our customers with the utmost service and results, far beyond lawn care.