You’ve got a business to run.

Green Group companies specialize in ensuring that your properties look pristine, so you can focus on the task at hand. No matter what your needs are, we have a reliable team that can help.

Athletic Turf Management

No matter the scale of events that your athletic complex host, Green Group Companies will make sure that your turf is always green and ready for play. Our turf care professionals can help you design a program to improve and maintain the health of your turf.


Managing a landscaping business is hard work. We understand. Customers demand more than a well-manicured lawn, they want the total package. Partner with a Green Group company in your area to take care of the treatment side of your business so your customers will always come home to a healthy, beautiful landscape.

Property & Facility Managers

First impressions are everything. Green Group companies can help offer your clients and customers a beautifully maintained and healthy lawn when visit. Healthy buildings and grounds equal healthy bottom lines, not to mention increased occupancy rates and employee morale.

Hotel & Restaurant Care

You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression on your guests. The hospitality industry has strict needs when it comes to maintaining a beautiful building and grounds. Green Group companies can help. We manage hospitality properties with great care and detail so that your guests will always be pleased with what they see.


Residents take more pride in their communities when they are well-maintained. Green Group companies can assist you in keeping common areas and other municipal properties in pristine condition. Whether you need help with the green care for roadway medians, greenways or the grounds for your municipal buildings, we can work with your municipal team to design a program that will keep your community beautiful.

Schools & Universities

You want your school or university to provide a positive experience for both current students and visiting families. Green Group companies can help. We specialize in creating responsible landscape maintenance programs that will both beautify your campuses, create a sense of pride, and preserve the history and integrity of the space.

Memorial Grounds

Cemeteries are designed to help preserve memories. Green Group Companies can help you preserve the grounds. Our skilled teams take great care in the landscaping services that they provide so that visitors can enjoy a peaceful visit.

Homebuilder Programs

There is no doubt that curb appeal helps to sell homes. You want prospective buyers to receive a good first impression when the drive up. Green Group companies partner with builders to ensure that the exterior grounds of a new home looks just as good as the interior. Together we can make sure that buyers feel welcomed home.